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Skinny koozies in several colors - Wesley’s
Hardshell skinny koozies for 12 oz drinks - Wesley’s

The Hooch Hog Skinny Koozies

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Keep your White Claw, Red Bull, and other favorite beverages cool with these hardshell skinny koozies.

The Hooch Hog skinny koozies are a customer favorite! The koozies feature a removable top lip for easy cleaning. They are durable with hard shells and have finger grips for easy holding. These koozies fit tall beverages such as White Claw, Henry’s, Starbucks Refreshers, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light Lime, Truly, Red Bull, and more!

  • Non-slip bottom
  • Fits 12 oz beverages
  • Available in Flat Black, Copper, Turquoise, Die Dye, Sparkle Purple, and Sparkle Blush