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Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas Giveaway!

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This holiday season Wesley's is doing a new kind of Giveaway this Christmas! 

We've decided to help those in need who may not be able celebrate Christmas with family and those who are in need this year. This Holiday Giveaway has been set up to raise money for Crossroads Mission Avenue, located in Nebraska. 

100% of all donations will go to Crossroads Mission Avenue to help give families and children a special Christmas meal and necessities needed for the Crossroads shelters located throughout Nebraska. 

We love making a difference! We don't have a specific goal for funds raised set, we're just excited to help make a difference where we can. You can find more information on Crossroads Mission Avenue at the link below, as well as the items needed on their critical needs list.

Lastly, we ask that anyone who feels lead to help with our Holiday Giveaway please send us your address so we can thank you for the help. We can't wait for the Holiday season and to help make a difference!