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Why Western Fashion Will Take Over 2022 Fashion

The Erickson Top

With fashion trends always changing, it can be hard to keep up to date with current looks. Western fashion trends were super popular in 2021 and are showing promising traction into 2022. At Wesley’s, we have all the clothing and accessories necessary to complete the perfect western look. Read to learn more about western fashion and how Wesley’s can help you kill the fashion game!

The Tennessee Jacket - Teal

Western Fashion

Western fashion in 2022 ties together country and boho looks. Most western fashion is based on the 19th century wild west. It is all about being comfortable, confident, and looking your best. This trend focuses on layering and accessorizing. Accessories are huge in creating a western look! Turquoise is the dominant accessory in western fashion. Its beautiful color will make you stand out! Check out our line of jewelry to find beautifully affordable pieces to complement your looks!

 The Long Live Cowboys Pullover

Best Fashion Tips

When it comes to fashion, remember that there are no rules! Wear what makes you feel the most confident. Being confident in your clothes is the most important accessory! At Wesley’s, we want to help women look and feel their best at a price that won’t break the bank! We pride ourselves on offering the best up-to-date items that are high quality and affordable. By shopping our line, you can ensure that you are wearing the best modern western styles!

 The Ritter Top  The Ritter Top  The Ritter Top The Ritter Top

How To Find Western Fashion

It is no secret that shopping get’s expensive. Especially when it comes to western fashion. With western fashion trends relying highly on accessorizing, it could cost you a pretty penny. At Wesley’s, you can find everything you need to fill your closet with western boho clothing, all while shopping at an affordable price. Check out our page to find the western styles that fit your uniqueness!

The Should’ve Been A Cowboy Tee

Why You Should Shop Wesley’s

At Wesley’s, we have something for everyone and every body shape. From pants to jumpsuits, you can find exactly what you need to pull together your western look. Shop today to transform your wardrobe into 2022’s best western fashion trends!