Watermelon Crawl Car Diffuser
Watermelon Crawl Car Diffuser

Watermelon Crawl Car Diffuser

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Transform your car with our new car diffusers! Let the sweet scents of juicy watermelon fill your ride and make each drive you take to a new level with a one of a kind scent experience!

Ripe watermelon, infused with the invigorating scent of pink grapefruit and the delightful flavors of sweet honeydew and refreshing lemongrass.

- 100% oil for long lasting scents 

- .25 oz that last approximately 3-4 months 

(Heat and amount of flips for scent strength vary the lifetime of the diffusers)

How to use: Unscrew wooden lid, and place to the side. Remove plastic lid from container, carefully place the wooden lid back on and tilt bottle upside down to soak wood. Refresh the scent by tilting bottle for desired scent strength 

**Keep out of reach of children. We recommend opening car scents outside of vehicle in case of spills when opening plastic cap